Your Metamorphosis

  Did you play on a see-saw as a child? Growing up, my little brother and I spent hours pushing each other up and down on this playground apparatus. And our game went like this… We would take turns holding each other up in the air while one of us weighted the board down in […]

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Elegant Shifts – The Steps of Your Sacred Ambition

I love watching tango. The dance moves are fluid and in sync even though legs seem to be moving in one direction and bodies in another. And the two partners have some kind of unspoken yet palpable communication going on which enhances the dance.  When I watch tango I am aware of the music, the […]

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Once upon a time….FINAL PART: Your Choice

FINAL PART: I begin: This remarkable soul journey of finding ALL of YOU and then bringing all of you forward to manifest your sacred calling begins with your choice. Yes, you nod your head. I thought I was choosing to ramp up my marketing or create another offer or attend more networking meetings…and I can […]

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